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We strive to realize a vision of the future where people consume water in a way that is sustainable. Our services and products are designed to serve customers in two ways; by saving water in the here and now, and by creating sustainable use patterns that will help secure vital water resources for the future. We recognize that the history of water is entangled with the rise and fall of civilizations and that human development needs to move forwards always with a keen eye towards how water is used.

Knowing that water is a valuable resource whose demand will continue to grow, we are aware that we will have to challenge systemic water waste as well as win the hearts and minds of the public. We are pioneers in a growing wave of water use practices that range from reducing waste in the landscape to educational programs that teach the value of water and how to best conserve it in the community, workplace, and home. Part of our mission is to engage with and offer our services to the agencies that steward our water. By collaborating with the community and institutions we increase awareness and provide innovative solutions that bring about immediate and long term water conservation.